2009: Public Participation at Board Meetings

  1. The board of Educational Service Unit No. 4 shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the Nebraska Open Meetings Act.
    1. The board shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the public's right to hear the discussions and testimony presented at its meetings. The board shall make available at the meeting, for examination and copying by members of the public, at least one copy of all reproducible written material to be discussed in open session of the meeting.
    2. The board is not required to allow citizens to speak at each meeting, but it will provide the opportunity for public participation at least four times per year. The board may make and enforce reasonable rules and regulations regarding the conduct of persons attending, speaking at, videotaping, photographing, or recording its meetings.
    3. The board shall not require members of the public to identify themselves as a condition for admission to the meeting, nor shall such body require that the name of any member of the public be placed on the agenda prior to such meeting in order to speak about items on the agenda. However, the board may require members of the public desiring to address the board to identify themselves.

Adopted on: March 10, 2008
Revised on: February 12, 2018
Reviewed on: April 11, 2011
Reviewed on: March 8, 2021